David Adamson, has been flying helicopters since 1986 and has more than 10,000 hours helicopter experience conducting just about every form of helicopter operation possible


Major Sporting Events


  • I wish to introduce you to David Adamson of Specialist Helicopters. He was our pilot in PNG. Although he is based in Australia, he is certified to fly in a number of countries worldwide. We have flown with some of the best, but David's skills flying cameras and crews in remote locations were simply the best we have ever experienced. He made the PNG project happen and when most pilots would not have bothered with difficult logistics, David rose to the challenge. I just wanted to put him on your radar for future projects that may not involve us, but where you need a pilot. This guy is up there with Fred North and was a pleasure to work with. He gave us 150% in PNG and many of the shots and locations he dropped us would have simply not happened with any other pilot. Put him in your Rolodex or iphone these days. Best pilot we have ever flown with:)

    Bryan Smith- Director, Reel Water Productions
  • We’ve worked with many pilots around the world over many years and David Adamson has to rank as one of the very best. Not only is he a fantastic pilot he’s always ready to offer advice and solutions to the problems that inevitably occur on any shoot.

    Chris Fenton - Production Director, Dream Team TV
  • I can thoroughly recommend David for aerial filming after working with him on the Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton event in 2012. A tricky event to cover, this is a 25 km kiteboard race over open ocean. Factor in kites flying everywhere, high winds and passing ocean tankers it is tough to film but David got in there and got us some amazing shots while still keeping us and the competitors very safe. 

    Matt Taylor - Director, Milk Money Films
  • From the moment I met David he inspired a level of confidence and understanding of what was required from the shoot. When we were airborne the helicopter seemed part of him as he manoeuvred the camera into some incredible positions to get the shots. 

    Brian Cawood - Director, Youi Insurance
  • Many of the films and series I’ve made have involved filming ambitious and complex aerial sequences. I’ve been lucky enough to work with the best aerial cinematographers and pilots worldwide and I rank David Adamson as one of the very best pilots I have ever worked with.

    Lucy van Beek - Series Producer, Britain from Above / Inside the Wildfire. BBC
  • As an experienced Director, I appreciate the opportunity to incorporate aerial footage into a project. With the added wow factor that they bring to the end product, they also add levels of complexity and high pressure to get the shots and not blow out budgets. It’s for these reasons you need to work with a team who you can trust, who remains calm under the increased pressures of high expectations, and above all, can deliver the shots that support your vision of the final edit.

    Joe Darcy - Director, Digitalblack